My name is Tyler Tanton. I currently manage Monster Brew, E-commerce driven homebrewing supply based in Austin, TX. On an unrelated note, I received my bachelor degree in Meteorology at Texas A&M University in 2012. I am a passionate guy by nature, putting my determination and enthusiasm into everything I do. Those passions largely include beer, weather, coffee, DIY projects, and the outdoors. A more formal description is provided below, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to send me an email.


Specific Interests

  • Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology
  • Data retrieval, archival, & analysis
  • Climate change & geoengineering
  • Renewable and clean energy resources


  • 2013: In December of 2012, I began operationally forecasting for Weather Briefings, Inc. This includes evaluating model data, nowcasting and monitoring ongoing events, and contacting clients under certain conditions. Web design and development also have become part of my duties. This position is ongoing.
  • 2012: During April, as a part of my coursework at Texas A&M, I provided private forecast consulting for Houston’s International Festival. Houston’s IFest brings in roughly 75k people each weekend to partake in the international foods, art, music, dancing, and more. Their events almost entirely take place outdoors making weather a very important aspect of their planning and event preparation.
  • 2011: In conjunction with my time with NEWS 25, I spent many hours outside of work developing a simple program to analyze and track the performance of MOS forecast temperatures with the observed values. This was in efforts to, more specifically, understand how models perform in events of warm or cold air advection. This program was written in java and was never fully completed.
  • 2011: I attained 120 cumulative hours interning with Gilmore Broadcasting, Henderson, KY. During this time I worked exclusively with NEWS 25 WEHT-TV’s broadcast meteorologists and gained insight to the broadcasting field. I became familiar with the WSI system for weather graphics and manipulation.


  • Strong operational experience with the GEMPAK/NAWIPS forecasting suite. This includes installing, maintaining, and running GEMPAK +OpenGARP on a personal Debian server.
  • Meteorological Coursework inclusive of: Atmospheric Thermodynamics, Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmospheric Dynamics, Severe Weather and Mesoscale Forecasting, Tropical Meteorology, Physical Meteorology, Numerical Weather Prediction, and Practical Weather Forecasting.
  • Mathematical Coursework: Vector Calculus I/II/III, Differential Equations, & Linear Algebra
  • Proficiency and course completion in Integrated Data Language (IDL) programming, developed by ITT Visual Information Solutions.
  • Experienced in *nix (Linux and OSX) operating systems and working in the command line/shell interface such as BASH & SH.
  • Operational experience with administrating both WordPress and Joomla! CMS. Including installation, content management, and design.
  • Familiar with Java, HTML, CSS, MYSQL, and PHP.


  • Active member of CoCoRaHS (http://cocorahs.org)
  • CWOP (Citizen Weather Observers Program) DW8584
  • Amateur Radio Licensed Technician:  KF5EVG
  • Undergraduate Student at Texas A&M University